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"After many harsh setbacks, we banded together and arrived at the summit of a first ascent steep granite tower near Thor's Land, Greenland. The new route, led by @ethan_pringle and followed by @mikelibecki likely involves the most technically difficult rock climbing in Greenland. @ladzinski and I were there to capture the experience. Here, the two take a brief rest after a summit push that went well into the night. Faint northern lights tickle the horizon. Thanks @mikelibecki for another unforgettable adventure!" Words and photo by @andy_mann.

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2 days ago

@ethan_pringle takes a victory lap after a six-week expedition in Greenland. "Our second to last day on the boat, headed back to civilization, we came across this perfect iceberg- a big ole mother with a long, perfectly angled slope that led to a 20 foot drop off. Well, I'm here to tell you folks, pizzas can fly and dreams do come true." Video by @ladzinski / @andy_mann / @connor_seybert.

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3 days ago

Stringing nylon spaghetti all over these razor sharp walls. Photo: @cheynelempe.

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4 days ago

"Forecast for sunshine and clear skies. On Skye, forecasts are seldom correct." The clouds part just long enough to view the pinnacles of Old Man Of Storr, Scotland. Photo: @highlandroamer.

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4 days ago

Ready. Set. @angelajpayne at the foot of The Abstraction (V9) in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

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5 days ago

"All hail the summer project. Through bugs and down pours, humid rock and evening sessions, you keep us motivated by illuminating a simple truth: even in bad conditions, going rock climbing is better than not going rock climbing." @freddiewilkinson pulling through the roof of Summer Teeth (13a) at Sundown Ledge. North Conway, New Hampshire. Photo: @robfrostmedia.

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6 days ago

The shark tooth summits of Patagonia's #FitzRoy, complete with tiny human for scale. Photo by @iryna_raichuk.

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7 days ago

On a warm Utah night, @kyracondie took the top spot in one of the most intense and unique events in all of climbing, the 2017 #Psicobloc Masters. Congrats again, Kyra!

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8 days ago

In line for the summit. @vivianbruchez and co. make the final push on Vent Du Dragon in Chamonix. Photo by @alexbuisse.

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9 days ago

"Climbing has become a mainstream sport. If there isn't a climbing wall in your local town, the chances are there will be soon. 20 years ago when I started doing school talks I asked pupils to put their hand up if they had climbed before. Back then in a group of 150+ less than ten hands would go up. Now, I continue to ask the same question and on average about 50% of them raise their hands. I started climbing outside when I was 15. My son has been climbing for about a year... he'll be 4 soon." Words and photo by @timemmett.Words and photo by @timemmett.

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9 days ago

An almost tropical scene in Colorado's San Juan Mountains. Photo by @marisajarae.

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