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15 hours ago

When you're going anywhere out in nature, remember to bring a Moosejaw flag with you. It weighs 0.025lb, which is about the weight of 4 gummy bears. So next trip, pack 4 less gummy bears and grab a Moosejaw flag.

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2 days ago

This pup looks better in sunglasses than I or you or anyone ever will. That's a fact. Sorry to be so mean about it. pic credit: @keonidaweim

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3 days ago

I have 2 pairs of Garmont Tikal Shoes for today's #MJFridayGiveaway. One men's pair, one women's pair. These puppies utilize coconut in the footbed to keep them smelling fresh. The only drawback is the often uncontrollable urge to eat them. To be entered to win a pair, just reply with your favorite food that contains coconut.

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5 days ago

We were excited to donate this $4,400 check to Kids On The Go last week. They are a non-profit program which provides therapy to special needs children during the summer months. Here's MMB handing off the over-sized check, probably trying to lose the "My Mean Boss" nickname. Nice try, but not happening. @kidsonthegocamp

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6 days ago

There are two things that are guaranteed to make your camping trip a good time. One is a big ol' cake, and the other is your choice of woodland creature costume. Personally, I'd go with the squirrel.

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8 days ago

You never know what's gonna happen at a @MJTrailerThing event. Unless you knew there would be a guy in a down jacket covered in mud wearing a horse mask.

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9 days ago

I call this the Cookies 'n' Cream mountain range because well, you get it. The closest one is Mt. Double Stuffed, probably. Pic credit: @therileymarshall

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10 days ago

It's backpack season and we're here to help you meet your match. Are you looking for someone to share your outdoor adventures with? Maybe you tend to go for someone that has more than meets the eye, like secret pockets. Or, you just want someone to drink fancy coffee with. We're playing matchmaker and giving these packs away to their perfect match. Pick your type and fill out the form to be entered to win.The link is in our bio. #mjfridaygiveaway

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11 days ago

And coming in at number one on Places I'd Rather Be Than Work we have The Narrows at Zion. Just pretend I'm wrapping up some list of thousands and thousands of places. Here's @lauradarinka demonstrating how to not be at work. photo cred: @danielelson

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12 days ago

For next month's Dog of the Month, I'd like to see your pup wearing some shades. Here's office dog Arnie showing how it's done. I bet when you try to get him to shake, he puts his paw out but then psych, he's just fixing his fur. Reply with a pic of your pupster wearing sunglasses. Winner gets a Moosejaw Dog Hoody and a painting added to our Dog Hall of Fame.

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13 days ago

Drum roll please...keep drumming...keep drumming... now stop. Congratulations to our #MJDogoftheMonth July winner, Desmond. This picture was captured right as he was told that he was the winner. Or maybe right when he saw a ghost. Or maybe he was trying to pop a bubble. Probably the ghost, though. Congrats. Desmond.

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