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@monkeyartfiend  Jane/20/Scorpio/Nashville Watercolor, sketch, pen, 3D & crafts, occasional digital art. Here we are! We will never be anywhere else! 💕REQUESTS OPEN

1 month ago

Well, here he is, it's SlowMo. His family moved to Japan from London a while ago. His quirk is... Kinda powerful (but limited). He can bend time (slow time) but only in a bubble he creates. Any size (tho the more space he is manipulating the more difficult it is to sustain). Sometimes he makes a bubble just for himself where he slows time just a little and meditates. (Yes he can control the speed inside of the bubble - tho I don't think he's figured out fast forwarding yet, or if he even can ff). I feel like an advanced move he could do would be to capture a villain in a slow bubble, but alter the speed of his own body so that he can interact with things inside the bubble but not be affected by the time difference. He doesn't really want to be a hero necessarily... But he doesn't have anything else to do, and everyone seems really into him getting his hero lisence..... . . . #bnha #bokunoheroacademia #mha #myheroacademia #oc #originalcharacter #mhaoc #bnhaoc #punkrock #punk #punkaesthetic

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2 months ago

Hmm, so these two are my newest hyperfixation. For the 3+4th slide, I was a little stoned - I just really want someone to draw like Eraser activating his quirk and there just being a shit ton of hickeys on his neck (maybe one of the students points it out & he's like?? uhhh u realize I am a married man right) Anyway, Civilian!Mic hit me like a train that I absolutely was not ready for so expect some drawings based around that!!!! Lol . . . . #erasermic #traditionalart #eraserhead #presentmic #bnha #myheroacademia #mha #bokunoheroacademia #aizawashouta #hizashiyamada

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Since y'all are fucking SLEEPING on Brian x Liam content, here, some headcanons: -sometimes Brian will pretend like he's never heard of something really mundane just to see if Liam will really try to explain it to him, ie. " Liam, I've Never heard of chopsticks before.... Please.... Enlighten me." -Brian will ABSOLUTELY kiss Liam to make him stop talking because Liam gets flustered 100% of the time when kissed, "w-well!! U- ahem, wh-where was i???" -Brian is usually really quiet and a good listener but when he actually has a problem and needs to talk Liam is really good at sitting down/hugging him while he vents #monsterprom #liamdelioncourt #monsterprombrian #brianmonstetprom #liamxbrian #mpliam #mpbrian

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3 months ago

This doodle is so shitty and so self indulgent and I .. i love my boys......

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3 months ago

.... Don't talk to me about how "fat" you are if you weigh less than 200 lbs. Fat people aren't here to cater to you and tell you you aren't fat. Fat people aren't here to be your emotional support. Don't tell me about how much or how little you eat. "I'm such a fat ass.... Oh I really am. If you saw how much I ate...." Literally shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up. Take that shit somewhere else. Don't fucking talk to me. If you can wear size small or medium. Just shut the fuck up. Just stop talking. Forever.

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3 months ago

A little comic about affection...

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