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@moarguitars  Handmade custom guitars. Built by one man, one at a time, with love and care in a small workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

3 days ago

3 necks in various stages of completion for 3 hollow bodies. Nice to make a maple fretboard again, it’s been a while for that. We have an ebony board, a wenge board and a maple board. at Copenhagen

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5 days ago

Currently working on 3 more of these, so excited to play one of my hollow bodies again (albeit briefly as I’ll have to ship them more or less as soon as they are ready 😭) the guitar builders curse is that you can’t keep your creations and pay rent at the same time. at Copenhagen

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5 days ago

Start collecting the next pieces of my hollowbody puzzle. This ones getting the works 👌

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7 days ago

This is my current fret file collection. I use all of these tools on all my frets, and as I exclusively use stainless steel frets each fret takes about an hour to get perfect. I also put 24 frets in most my guitars... Personal favourite is the hosco diamond edge 3 in 1 crowning file.

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11 days ago

My brother Tom @tomdoesnotplayguitar is over visiting from Dublin to film some demos and hang out in Copenhagen. He can play the guitar quite well... Proper demos coming next week!! at Copenhagen

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13 days ago

This wood is crazy pretty. Almost makes up for my messy desk!! at Copenhagen

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18 days ago

This guys strung up, set up and ready to go! It sounds as good as it looks too thanks to the @nicksilverpickups django set. I’ll be doing proper glamour shots and demos in about a week, but until then if you’re interested in buying the guitar DM me an offer and if it’s close enough to my price then it’s yours. Full specs and parts list available on request. #dreamguitar at Copenhagen

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1 month ago

Making my first strat 😉👌 check out these disgustingly sexy pickups from @amdusiasdevices I’ve have this build planned for almost a year but wasn’t sure until today if my idea to directly mount single coil pickups into a hollowbody was possible (I’ve still got lots of work to do on the neck joint so don’t panic about the binding there!!) #hollowbodyguitar #stratocaster #allwengeguitar at Copenhagen

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1 month ago

All about the angles! I should have the neck on this beast done by this time next week, can’t wait to get it finished. No idea how a fully wenge 330 will sound 🤔 at Copenhagen

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1 month ago

Mahogany on mahogany build. I love these hollow bodies, so much fun to make. I’m currently working on three moar. at Copenhagen

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1 month ago

Neck meet body, body meet neck. Full wenge hollowbody for stock coming along nicely. If you have ever wanted a fully wenge 330 style guitar get in touch, this is up for grabs! at Copenhagen

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1 month ago

Such a satisfying sound 👌 I really enjoy scraping binding flush to the body, it’s a really therapeutic job.

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1 month ago

I’ve been really into maple necks lately, but looking back at this build mahogany ain’t too bad either! What’s your favourite neck wood? at Copenhagen

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