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4 days ago

Batch 2 of 2. City life vs home life: 1. Manhattan. 2. My backyard. 3. Manhattan 4. A stained glass lampshade my parents had commissioned from a prison inmate. 5. Manhattan 6. Enfield at Brooklyn, New York

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14 days ago

Some Photos from the month. Too many to post at once. Batch 1 of _ at New York, New York

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28 days ago

Tonight I said goodbye to my dog. I got her 13 years ago and she helped me through some hard years in high school. She was amazing and I’ll miss her a lot. RIP D.C. at Enfield, Connecticut

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2 months ago

5 photos from the week. Need to fix this camera but I don’t mind the light leaks. #porta400 #nyc #bk

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3 months ago

In 2018 I lost 30 pounds. In 2019... I. WILL. GAIN. IT. BACK. at The Blue Stove

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3 months ago

Before and after of my sister’s Christmas. Yeah she doesn’t spoil my nieces or anything. Merry Christmas

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3 months ago


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3 months ago

16 more episodes of dumb jokes made by smart people. Miss everyone already. at Atlanta, Georgia

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4 months ago

Day 6. Crashed a scooter. Will sleep well. I love Atlanta

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4 months ago

Day 5. Waiting for Ice cream. I’m gunna smear it on my face at Midtown ATL

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4 months ago

Day 4 which means 4 more hours of work! Hopefully that means I won’t perish! at Atlanta, Georgia

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4 months ago

Day 3. Five hours of sleep which feels like a lot. I have only coffee and sugar flowing through my veins going forward. at Atlanta, Georgia

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4 months ago

Day 2. More bags. Still think I’ll be sick tomorrow. It’s 7pm and I have 6 hours of work to do and we don’t shoot til Monday. But there’s a giant box on set you can stand on for fun or jump off of for less fun!

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4 months ago

It begins again. Day 1. Minimal bags. Think I’m getting sick. Hotel WiFi is no good but Atlanta is like New England this time of year. at Atlanta, Georgia

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