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@mitchiebrusco84  Hello my name is Mitchie 👋🏽 I’ve been riding skateboards since I was 3 years old. I been skydiving and tunnel flying for 4+ years as well :) 1260 lol

6 days ago

Board flips and no grabs for the street kids out there 🤓 I love feeling all tech — I think all skateboarders love the sensation of taking our feet off the board but somehow feeling like it’s still connected.. it’s an addicting feeling that keeps you trying the same trick again and again and again. Here’s some fliparoos I got in a session 2 days ago but I couldn’t get my hands on the footage until now! Cheers - Tricky - 🎥 @katnoaga #damnitfeelsgoodtobeaskater #skateeverydamnday

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9 days ago

Clips clips clips !!!!! Yesterday was another solid day at the ramp jamming with the homies !!! This is probably the most rewarding style of skating for me. I like going high and floating around all day but slowing down and doing tech flip tricks also puts a smile on my face 👍🏽♥️🚀 Each trick I freak out “why the F*** won’t my feet listen to to me” But I like getting through that moment of panic and putting it down. Hope you enjoy 😀 Much love - Tricky

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11 days ago

I’m pretty stoked on the tricks today 😆 it felt like 90 degrees inside of black box but it was well worth it. Swipe right to see some words on vert skating atm —- The community is holding itself to together as strong as I’ve ever seen and we ain’t goin no where ... I’m so proud of the vert dawgs So, at this point, it couldn’t get any worse in the sense that there was pretty much one contest this year. but it’s also so beautiful that we had such a strong presence at Xgames. And our discipline didn’t go unnoticed. So in the mean time, we keep grinding. What else is there to do??? Hope you enjoy the little video 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Much love - Tricky

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12 days ago

Much love - Tricky - @iflyus

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14 days ago

I just had a proper meal and took a nap 😊. I’m trying to keep up with all the craziness in my head that seems to follow Xgames. I gained 30k + followers overnight... so what up to all the new guys up in here. 100k 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ —- So so so much work goes into preparing for these contests and then it’s over in an instant. It’s hard to keep up with the overflow of emotions, but I think that’s what makes it so special! I’m so proud of my friends.. who push me and also keep me in check. @jimmy_wilkins is the most humble and hard working person, we could all be a little more like jimmy. He deserves everything in this world and more. @claykreiner showed heart pushing through injuries and putting himself on the podium in vert, power moves G 🔥 @ronygomes is so dedicated and passionate, and his trick selection is top notch.. no doubt rony will be a big air contender for many years. And congrats to @elliotsloan for the 7-9 gold medal! I’m gonna sit down and game on my pc until my eyes bleed. Cheers, - Tricky -

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14 days ago

Grinding my vert line getting ready for Xgames - @jimmy_wilkins and I put in months of work preparing this year. Stale 360, switch bs ally pop, switch 540, 720 😆😆 I CANT BELIEVE I ACTUALLY LEARNED THIS LINE !!! 🔥🔥 Push it push it !!! And thank you everybody for so much love these last 24 hours following the 1260. I have not had a moment to relax, but I’ll try my best to get back to everyone. But if I can’t, just know I appreciate you and I’m stoked for skateboarding right now! Much love, tricky. #damnitfeelsgoodtobeaskater

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15 days ago

1260 - now that’s what I’m talkin about!!!!!!!! Push it push it !! 🔥🔥

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15 days ago

1260 — I got love for skateboarding, and love for every one of these boys on the ramp with me. Thank you 🎥 @rwillyofficial

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21 days ago

A bit of tunnel is good for the soul @jessejaber @iflyus ... head down flow is coming along slowly but surely , spin left, spin right, dive, float, you know the drill!

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