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A beautiful and heartwarming story that make you want to fall in love and get married already,loll I'm not crying 😊 #Repost @diaryofanaijagirl • • • • • Swipe to read

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Find whatever greatness that lies within you and nurture it. Eventually the world will see it. 👗 @houseofjane_ Slay on a budget in our ready to wear corporate casual outfit in black and sky blue. You can't go wrong with this outfit. It's Perfect for work if you like to stand out, also perfect for church and more. Available for ngn6000. Order via @houseofjane_

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My daily prayer, dear God, please bless me with the gift of men that'll believe in me, encourage me, support me, challenge me and bring out the best in me and in turn, help me to be a blessing to them too. The importance of the right circle and association cannot be overemphasized. Teamwork makes dream work. ❤❤✌ 👗@houseofjane_

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#pressplay #Repost @fablanebyderin • • • • • This is Me and probably a lot of other people out there. Even when we don't get it right, even in tears, even with joints ache and everything else we keep trying and striving. You hear those cheers and those people letting him know he can do it. Those are the people we need around us. And you see the way everyone was happy for him when he finally did it. Those are the real support systems. They were patient with him and continued to let him know he could do it and he did. Just encouraging anyone out there struggling to get it right, Please don't give up. Keep at it. Surround yourself with positive people that will lift you through the challenges and celebrate with you when you finally win.. Love and Light ❤❤✌

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Lovely ladies on the right in houseofJane custom made and houseofjane lace dress style. check out our page for our different ready to wear collections ranging from the vic dress, dream dress, lace dress, etc for your corporate, casual, church, fun outfits. @houseofjane_ ❤❤❤✌

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The designer and the beautiful muse 😊 Need I say more, @houseofjane_ we make the best clothes, ready to wear, custom made, we've always got you covered. Send us a dm or call the whatsapp number on bio, let's make your clothing slay 💯 Have an amazing day ✌

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#pressplay Lord knows i want to be this active when I'm preggo 😀😀. Check out my mama killing it. Women are divine💪 #mothersdaycelebration

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All about #mothersday yesterday Ladies if you fall in the category of always being a witch, pls stop it. The potential for greatness lives in the inside of every one of us. Stop being jealous and intimidated by the grace of another woman. Instead, discover yourself and what you're capable of, sow seeds into her life, become friends and glow together, wish her well and good things will come your way. Men if your in the category of holding your woman down, and always being intimidated by her success, pls grow up and stop being a witch too. Be a supportive and a loving partner to the woman you love. You wish me well, I wish you well too. I'm all about that life. Don't forget we make beautiful dresses like this one I'm wearing @houseofjane_ always available to help your slay ministry. Have a beautiful week.✌❤❤

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You do not just wake up and become the butterfly. Growth is a process. _ Rupi kuar Happy weekend ❤❤❤

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Happy New month beautiful people. ❤❤❤ May the peace of God and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ rest and abide with us now and forever more. Amen. ✌

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You can't deny that you always feel some type of way when you know your wearing a good outfit. At House of Jane, we aim to please. We always want ur body to be turnioninown and your slay to be 💯. If you haven't already contacted us, or shopped from us, pls do. Ready to wear, custom made, we've definitely got u covered. Send us a dm today,lets bring your fabric alive and let your clothes do the talking for you. Good morning and have a great week. ❤❤❤✌✌ 👗@houseofjane_

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#pressplay The kind of positive vibes and energy i need right now. #Godsplan Delay is not denial❤✌✌

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Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? John 11:25‭-‬26. We live because he lives. Happy Easter Monday. ❤❤❤✌ Ankara kind of day😉 👗 @houseofjane_

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Are you the dramatic type(with a train) or the less dramatic type (without a train).I'm honestly both, depends on my mood. Dramatic or not, you know @houseofjane_ has always got you covered. Happy Good Friday✌❤❤

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There's no need to dress like everyone else. It's much more fun to create your own look and I had so much fun creating this look for a wedding. contact us via @houseofjane_ Let us help you create the look of your choice. Ready to wear, tailored to fit/bespoke/custommade, we've got you covered. ✌❤❤

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Someone said you can never build a kingdom with someone who still craves attention from the village, that one was deep. So true,the same way it's true that when you check out houseofjane_ you'll find amazing, quality women's wear for your corporate and casual needs and we also make bespoke wears to suit your occasion and needs. Check us out if you haven't and if you see something you like, send us a dm or call the whatsapp number on bio and don't forget to have an amazing weekend. ✌❤

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