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7 days ago

Cucumber sushi - always a hit on a hot summer day sushi 🥒🍣

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13 days ago

Lemon pepper tempeh with lavender & sage Wild Kraut slaw and aioli. Waitangi Day lunch perfection after a busy morning in the garden 🌱

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14 days ago


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15 days ago

Bunless hotdogs for Monday night dinner win! With school back, so are after school activities. One of the best things about @bargainboxnz is that you can look through the weekly meal plan and choose what’s quicker on this busy after school nights when you get home when ones child should be getting ready of bed. A little imagination goes a long way! PS I was the only one to have my dogs bun less, but Rubes has requested a ‘cold one’ in her lunch tomorrow! #lovefoodhatewaste

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17 days ago

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of @sris_foods_ltd Tempeh. I had never tried it before, but was well aware of its fabulous benefits. A little scared of what to do with it I did some research and took the plunge today. Umm, let me just say wowsers! This Mexican bowl (doubley gut good with some Mexican wild kraut) was delicious as was the tempeh!! It will be on regular rotation with my meal planning! It’s so versatile and a delicious replacement for meat. If you haven’t tried either, go find some! You won’t be disappointed!!

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17 days ago

Why have I waited almost 46 years to make my first ever basil pesto? Seriously good! 💚

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18 days ago

Not quite ready, but definitely getting closer! 🌳

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20 days ago

I’m just going to leave this right here...

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22 days ago

Mexican pita pizzas for dinner last night 🍕 cooked in my Bakerstone pizza oven topped with @forageandfermentnz Mexican & Marigold Wild Kraut. Delish!

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26 days ago

Lamb burger salad for dinner last night 🍔

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27 days ago

Smashed avo & shrooms on @thelarderproject toast - breaky perfection right there!

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28 days ago

Asking for a friend 😉

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28 days ago

When your garden gives you an abundance of zucchini you make Parmesan zucchini bread and top it with @lewisroadcreamery butter, homegrown tomatoes and @forageandfermentnz Mexican kraut and Wild kraut - delish, gut loving goodness ticking all the right boxes ✔️

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28 days ago

Bacon & egg burger with smokehouse aioli and pumpkin fries 🥓🍳🍔 🍟👌🏼

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1 month ago

Being an intermittent faster, I don’t generally eat breakfast but just felt like it this morning. ‘Sourdough’ muffin with smashed avo and @forageandfermentnz limited edition Mexican sauerkraut - can’t think of a better way to start Wednesday 👌🏼

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1 month ago

Totally loaded potato salad and honey bourbon chicken for dinner last night. I opted out of the spuds and just ate the rainbow, chicken was delish and made with @batch10spirits honey bourbon someone left here on NYE plus some of @bargainboxnz Chicken spice mix. Super delicious! Oh, apologies for the pic double up, clearly need another cup of coffee ☕️

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1 month ago

Be happy 😊

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