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2 months ago

The status quo is a manmade game. Let's take it with a grain of salt. There's only pressure from society if we allow it to exist. We can choose to be free anytime. If we diminish our wants, we could have everything with almost nothing and look better than we would ever do in a Valentino suit. 👨‍💼 @jannaelborno

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12 months ago

Paradise has always been over there, just a short boat drive away from the Blue Hole in Dahab. There's no time. We lived there for days in a small hut with hardly any connection to the outside world. No need for a shower, the salt water would wash everything away.🐟 Life in its simplest form. That's how it is at the Blue Lagoon in Dahab ▶ Experience in my blog article 28 exceptional facts that make Dahab a unique travel destination! #BlueLagoon #Dahab #Southsinai #Sinai #Visitegypt #Exploreegypt #amazingegypt #Egypt #Ägypten #travelegypt #abugalum #ägyptenreise #digitalnomad #digitalenomaden #landscapephotography #landscape #desert #wüste #solotraveller #travelgirl #travelwoman #alleinereisen #alleinreisende #wanderlust #globetrotter #digitaldetox at Blue Lagoon دهب

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12 months ago

How I miss sleeping in these simple, sweet huts at the Blue Lagoon in Dahab. They call it "Husha" in Egypt. 😋 At night, you feel the warm wind blowing through the tiny holes of the hut. When it got too warm, we took our sleeping bags outside and slept under a billion of stars; when we were lucky, we saw the beautiful milkyway. We were lucky a lot of times. 💛 ▶ Read in my Blog article 10 reasons why you should visit the Blue Lagoon in Dahab! #dahab #Egypt #ägypten #bluelagoon #redsea #rotesmeer #sinai #visitegypt #exploreegypt #digitaldetox #ägyptenurlaub #ägyptenreise #travelegypt #blogger_de #reiseblogger #solotraveller #solotravel #travelwoman #travelgirl #digitalenomaden #digitalnomad #sharmelsheikh #workation #reiseziele #traveldestination #bodymindsoul #desert #erholung #ruhe #bewusstleben at Dahab - دهــــــب

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1 year ago

I like spending time by myself. When you live in a small town like #Dahab, you meet many people everyday. I really appreciate the lovely community, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to meet people everywhere you are going. It is important to me to be alone time by time. To sit at a quiet place, sometimes with a dog. 🐶 ☺ Photographer: @jannaelborno at Dahab South Sinai - دهب جنوب سيناء

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1 year ago

Dahab, my home and my love. 💛 It has been already more than one year since I came for the first time to this magical place on the Red Sea. I've been living here for almost 9 months and I feel the magic more than ever. I'm so grateful to live here, to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and to wake up every day with the sun rising over the Sinai Mountains. 🏜 When I was at the Blue Lagoon last week, I made a new dog friend: This is Husha, one of the Blue Lagoon dogs. She loves hunting cats, watching the sunset and digging holes. 🐶 at Dahab

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2 years ago

It's crazy how traveling can change your perspectives. One year ago, I didn't believe I could really travel the world with my work. 💻🌏 That I would have so much time to live a wild and free life without spending more money than at home. 🍉👣👞 I saw a super moon rising over the Red Sea in Dahab🌕, joined Bedouin dinners in the Sinai Mountains under incredible night skies🗻, found out that Egypt is much more than what we know from the media👳, sat at the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea, made a lot of (dog) friends🐶, traveled to Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world and ate the next day Spaghetti Napoli in Italy. 🍝 The digital age offers so many opportunities and adventures, if we only open our hearts and eyes for them. 💛 at San Diego, California

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2 years ago

💜🌍🍇👞🌻 Beautiful words by @beautaplin

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2 years ago

How I'm spending my 20's? 🌹 Exploring the world to find out that home is beautiful, getting itchy feet just to get back on the ground again and sometimes throwing up in an airplane because life can get really exciting when you're flying high.👞✈ 📷 @micitalks at Koreanischer Garten

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2 years ago

Hi, I'm Amy and I live in the Open Zoo of Pattaya! 😋 Visit the amazing open zoo on your next trip to Thailand and get closer to the animals. at Khaw Kheo Open Zoo

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