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2 days ago

Took @brooklynandbailey down to @bayloruniversity today for move in! We had a LONG 18 hr day of driving, unloading, shopping, building, and decorating but it’s all finished and looks amazing! See my IG stories for sneak peeks on the newly decorated house👍🏼 . Also realized this am that I had forgotten any of my hot tools. So I quickly did two Dutch braids on damp hair and let the warm air dry them for the next hour or two and BAM nice beachy looking waves! Don’t feel like heat is always a need to get great relaxed looking curls! Do you prefer heat curls or non heat curls? #noheatcurls #curlyhairstyles #dutchbraids #hairstyles

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8 days ago

Our trip to Bali was so fun and officially Sana’s wedding is done❤️ We just uploaded a video of all our Bali adventures! Link in bio! *Sana’s wedding was a traditional Indian/Pakistani wedding and we were asked to wear traditional attire 👍🏼 It was so different for us but also so fun!

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17 days ago

Celebrating the #pithi with #sanaandsalim ❤️ PS we had a lot of help to pull these outfits together 😍

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18 days ago

Just hanging around in the jungle of Bali 😍 also used @kamrinoel presets for this pic! So amazing! Bali was seriously made for IG Photos and all the guides and drivers know just how to get the perfect shots! We’ve all giggled many times over them grabbing our phones to take over on pics for us😂 I don’t mind at all when shots come back like this one! Who wants to come to Bali now?

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20 days ago

Gates of Heaven temple Bali Indonesia ❤️ Have any of you been here??

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21 days ago

We literally just flew thru our anniversary so we totally missed it and this haggard photo of us sitting in the Sydney airport after no sleep is making me giggle😂 Somedays i feel like we are flying thru life. How are we already at 21 yrs? I’m grateful and glad to still be celebrating life with you @mrshaunmcknight! Love you❤️ #weirdestanniversayever

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23 days ago

Good hair day! Love it when that happens❤️ Do you guys love a good hair day too?

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28 days ago

Today is this special boy’s birthday. He requested Six Flags and yellow cake with marshmallow frosting! He reminds us every day “there is no such thing as normal” and continues to amaze me with his coding skills. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from this dude and I’m a way better person because of him❤️

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29 days ago

Mazie (the last of our foster dogs) is heading to her new family today. I had to take one more selfie with her. Also a quick reminder if you’re looking for a dog there are so many good shelters and rescue centers. @doodlerockrescue is just one that is taking in dogs from bad breeders. Mazie and Milo are just two of the many sweet puppies looking for homes!

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1 month ago

Y’all keep asking me about my easy loose curls in my hair so here’s the tutorial for ya! I use these hair curls as a base and can usually go 4-5 days between washes using different hairstyles and dry shampoo. How many days do you go between washes?

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1 month ago

Braids created by flipping hair under is simple and some of my favorite👍🏼 Do you prefer regular French braids, Dutch braids, or flip under braids?

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