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2 days ago

Alex and @kamrinoel got inducted into the National Honor Society today. Tomorrow they are going to a spring formal together. (As friends) . Alex’s mom Lindsay has been one of my best friends since high school, a college roommate, and we were pregnant together at the same time with these kids🙂 . These two have been friends since before they were born and are still friends now. . I’m so grateful to have friends that become family and that have and will continue be around for a long, long time❤️ . Do you guys have friends that are like family? If so who is it? . @lpbyu

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3 days ago

Wow! This festival look is so cute! Loving the adorable gems!

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4 days ago

Doing another round of press for #viralparenting today in LA. . No matter where I go, every parent I meet during this press tour responds the same. “Help me” “I don’t know what to do”. . ALL of us parents today are feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of parenting our kids with technology. The rules don’t exist and THAT is why I wrote the book. . I want parents to be involved with their kids and their kids tech and having the oh so important convos that come with that. I really do believe it will be what our generation is known for. We are the first, we set the rules, we start the convos that will affect our kids for generations to come. Let’s do this! 💪🏻

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5 days ago

So many of y’all have been asking about @kamrinoel’s prom hair, so I’m showing y’all how to recreate this look in today’s video! Link in bio for the darling #CGHInfinityBraidCombo ❤️ How did you guys decide to wear your hair for prom??

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6 days ago

Anyone else think they look like an album cover?

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7 days ago

Festival season is here and I'm obsessed with all of the beautiful hairstyles! Would you wear this look?

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9 days ago

Lately I've been noticing that clips have been coming back, so I thought I'd give it a try! What do y'all think? 👍🏻 or👎🏻?

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10 days ago

Thoughts from the cheer banquet last night Dear Paisley: My momma heart hopes you never forget what it feels like to be 8. May you never forget the magic of finding that butterfly or the joy of drinking way too much lemonade even if it resulted in a few trips to the bathroom. May you always pick running for the swings and the joy of the wind rushing past your face rather than eating dinner with the adults. May you always share your loud giggle with those around you like I heard last night. And remember that you are always welcome in my lap when you need to get warm halfway thru dinner. May you always twirl in the sunshine as though nobody is watching. And may you continue to show kindness to those around by sharing...whether it’s your straw, your chair, or your half eaten dessert😆 May you always want to throw off my hat before the picture so “our faces can be closer”. And may you always be willing to share a kind word to other girls like I saw last night as you complimented girl after girl on her dress, shoes, hair, or smile. Above all paisley, may you never forget your beauty, your passion, your strength, or your eternal optimism. Or how much I love you❤️ Love Mom

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11 days ago

Does anyone else feel like April is flying by?! Easter will be here before we know it! The #CGHHalfUpBowCombo is a super cute look for Easter and springtime! #EasterHairstyles Comment a 🌷 if you’re excited for spring!

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12 days ago

So many of y’all have been asking us what a day in our life is like! From doing press for my book #ViralParenting and @kamrinoel’s prom to @rylanoliviamcknight’s birthday it has been a whirlwind! Link in bio for today’s #BehindTheBraids vlog! ❤️ Did you have a busy weekend or a chill weekend? Comment below!

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