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Comment if you know that whenever the road is rough you know you’ll rise! Blessings to all Kings & Queens out there! @lukasnotes #mindsetofgreatness

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Comment Amen 🙏 if you trust and know that God got your back & everything will work out for the best. #mindsetofgreatness

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@garyvee: “You’ve just started your life. It’s so sad that our culture has decided at 18,22,30 everything has to be figured out. These 3 ages have imposed a lot of self doubt and anxiety in the system and I’m passionate to at least start a dialog around how absurd it is to think that at the 2o-25% mark of ones life especially after they have been in the modern education system for most of their lives that they should somehow have “life” figured out. The pressure from your parents (many don’t have their lives figured out no) or from friends or society (most are unhappy and don’t have it figured out either) is unacceptable. Simple question, are you happy? Are you self aware about what would make you happy? are you coming along in the process of not letting other peoples opinions dictate your actions? I am super passionate around communicating observations and this one, this one sticks to me like clue. Go on your own timeline, it’s your timeline, not anyone else’s. Please tag 13 people in the comments, ok 1, one person who could really benefit from it! I love you ❤️ now go love yourself.” #garyvee #mindsetofgreatness

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Comment if you’re going to have beautiful & positive day! If you like content I share on this page then you may want to follow my personal page @lukasnotes too, thanks! Blessings ✨ #mindsetofgreatness #lukasnotes

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@idillionaire: “I FEEL THIS SO DEEPLY! Imagine you sharing a different story. See yourself sharing your success as an inspiration for others to have hope. So many people will be inspired by how much you have grown and taken control over your life. You will be so proud of yourself. You finally did something about it. You finally trusted in the miracles of the universe. You have surrendered to the unknown and the results have been magnificent. You have discovered the power of your words not by reading about it alone but by example of your results. You are a believer now. You can’t even explain how it all suddenly happened in such unexpected ways. You are filled with overwhelming amount of excitement. You feel so lifted, so inspired. Everything seems like a movie. You look back and watch how those moments you thought were final were only a scene. A short scene in the grand scheme of things. This expands your heart and mind even more bringing you a greater peace and a deep gratitude for everything. Miracles are normal. It’s a constant in your life. Your existence is miraculous. The fine details of everything dancing in sync. No error. Order in everything. Meaning in everything. A lesson. Remember, it’s only a scene. Write a new story. Change it and alter it as much as you want. It’s never final. Let that bring you ease and reassurance. Let that lift you so high you remember your divine truth. You are very special.” Comment if you FEEL THIS DEEPLY! Tag someone to SPREAD HOPE ✨🙏✨ #mindsetofgreatness

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This is why I love @lawofambition.. Which one do you resonate with the most right now and why? 1,2,3,4? Comment below 👇 I love all of them but I resonate with 3 right now, it just best describes my life & focus right now :)) #mindsetofgreatness

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Comment if you agree that we are meant to grow and evolve and you’re doing or going to do that! If you like my content you can follow my personal page @lukasnotes for more, thanks! ✨ #mindsetofgreatness

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Everything looks different when you are present & grateful 🙃 drop ❤️ if you love this quote as much as I do! 🤩😍🤪 #mindsetofgreatness

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Comment if you’re feeling blessed, excited and ready to experience this amazing week and manifest some beautiful things! Share this message with friends, or repost it and tag me so I can drop like and comment on your repost. Let’s make some positive waves! Blessings, @lukasnotes#mindsetofgreatness

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