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17 hours ago

February 19th, 2004 = 15 years old 👼✨

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4 days ago

happy not valentines day 🌨 at The Moon

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4 days ago

Serious packing dilemmas! I'm off to Milan to see the new collections of #MONCLERGENIUS created by some of the most talented artists from around the world each with their own unique story to tell. #monclerpartner

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9 days ago

its like im the universe and you’ll be NASA 🌠

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14 days ago

i got dimples :))

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18 days ago

📦 I was blown away by my visit to @unicefsupply, the world’s largest humanitarian supply warehouse. I got to help the @UNICEF team pack up kits for children around the world who need it most - supplies for learning and warm blankets for the winter. They put so much effort and love into everything they send. #ForEveryChild #WARMLYMonclerForUNICEF

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24 days ago

always my mood

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25 days ago

miss my crew so much! season 3 needs to premiere so u guys can see how crazyyyyy it is 🎆

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