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@mightymouse_15  Father first Taino from the island of Borikén Puerto Rican activist

5 months ago

As 2018 comes to a close I urge all my Puerto Rican brothers and sisters to think on this for 2019....... It is time we take what is ours and maintain that control start investing in buying land if your able to even an acre of land is worth it even if you don't wanna live there just buy it don't let the bank sell it for commercial purposes...... If you can't afford to go in alone get together with some family or friends and buy some land do whatever it takes to secure our lands for the future generations it is our duty to make the change....... If everything goes to plan me n my lady will be buying a good piece of land in my home city of guayanilla by mid 2019 so that our kids will have a place to always call home #mousehasspoken #puertoricolibre #freepuertorico #freemyppl #borikén #borikuaswakeup #puertoriqueño #nuestratierra #guayanilla #changes #haganloscambios

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