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@metzilla24  Stop striving to improve. Just live, love and enjoy whats in front of you.

6 months ago

Pre-sleep reading. Nothing like a little geology. This kiddo keeps me on my toes and I love him for it. Happy 9th Birthday Hendrix #eclogite #birthdayboy #geologyrocks

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9 months ago

My last one. I promise. This little treehouse has been a learning experience. I hope these kiddos enjoy it. If they don’t Ill just modify it a-bit for my own use πŸ˜ƒ My thanks to Hailey Mom Maddie Jameson Hendrix Bonnie Joe Marc #treehouse #backyardfun #nowmommawantsonetoo #finishedbylaborday

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9 months ago

95 was a good year for me 😁 #tbt

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9 months ago

This pic is 5 years old. In these places, these wonders of creation,you feel your insignificance. There is nothing you can build, create or do to improve upon its beauty. It is and forever should be captured and enjoyed with your eyes, wind in your hair, between breaths. I miss my South Dakota and all the people and places that make it home. #badlands #southdakota #achingforaroadtrip

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