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@messymanis  I like to paint my nails even though I suck at it.

2 days ago

Prefer this one on my toes, but still really like it. This is “Amy” by @zoyanailpolish

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5 days ago

Happy first day of Spring everyone! Fittingly today is very nice & sunny. Here is Pistachio Ice Cream. This came out in KL Polish’s first spring collection and to-date that’s my favorite collection of hers & the one I own the most from.

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6 days ago

None of my photos were catching the gold in this polish. But here is “Bay” from Zoya.

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8 days ago

The next month is going to be very crazy & chaotic for me (but also very exciting!). Getting prepared for a little mini trip starting tomorrow, so taking this polish off to put something else on. This is @klpolish “Charmed.” 3 coats. Really nice polish. Sally Hansen seems to have a pretty similar one you can find at the drugstore (and it’s cheaper). Hopefully when Kathleen returns with her new brand of polish she brings the price back to $8.50 and not $9.50 since the whole “in-stores” thing never happened. Am I being cheap or does that extra dollar really do matter?

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10 days ago

A bright sunshine yellow to match these nicer weather days we’ve been having. This is “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana.” One of my favorite OPIs. Although I feel like I have a yellow undertone, I think this looks great. This is between 2 and 3 coats. Most times I do 2, but I was extra shaky this time and needed 3.

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12 days ago

One of my oldest Essie polishes. “Viva Antigua!”

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15 days ago

A couple posts ago I noted that I destashed Blue-tiful Horizon by Essie but got it back and when it hit the light I could kind of see what the hype was about. That’s almost the same story with this, Turn On the Northern Lights, but I still kind of think it’s overrated & looks a lot better in people’s swatches than in real life. Don’t get me wrong! It’s still a nice polish & I’m happy to have it in my collection, just doesn’t have that “wow” factor for me. But one day when I travel to see the Northern Lights, guess what polish I’ll be wearing? 💫

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16 days ago

I picked up Sophie. I realize this is the first polish I’ve purchased since like the Ethereal Garden Spring collection last year. Although I really like the brand not many polishes have called my name since then. I almost got a few but realized I would be doing so more because they’re on sale rather than I loved them. But I wanted to try out this polish to see if it’s a dupe for My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I haven’t done a comparison but this has a much better formula, that’s for sure.

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19 days ago

One last look at Tart Deco. Not my current manicure. Unrelated: Going to have a busy few weeks preparing for something exciting. Stressed and excited all at the same time.

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20 days ago

Essie’s “Tart Deco” was a staple of mine when I was in middle/high school. This is my second bottle. I only wish I had the wide brush with this one because the application is SO dang tricky for me.

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23 days ago

I hadn’t noticed my posts have been very blue heavy lately haha. So showing this manicure from like a week or so ago. I purchased Cajun Shrimp a couple weeks ago and wanted to know if this classic OPI shade was classic for a reason. I did really enjoy it! I feel like I’d really like this on my toes which I have yet to try.

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24 days ago

Yes, I cracked my pinky nail and I smudged the polish on my pointer finger. So I’m a mess. But this one looks great when the sun hits it. I’ll admit, I was less than impressed when I first tried it & originally gave it to my sister. But took it back because I felt like in a few years I’d look back and regret giving away such a classic color lol. I have a problem. But now I really do like it, particularly in sunlight. And the formula is really good so I don’t paint it horribly even with the painfully skinny Essie brushes. I wish I could switch all my Essie & China Glaze bottles to ones with their newer brushes.

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26 days ago

A gorgeous blue that literally pops off my nails. Last time I checked it was still in stock if people want to get it before KL clears all of their stock.

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28 days ago

This is “Show Us Your Tips” from the New Orleans collection. I originally destashed this and gave it to my sister. But then I regretted it and bought a new one because I didn’t want to take it back. However, I also gave her some of my KL polishes and now that it’s ending I may want to take a few back as well. Haha. I’m horrible, I know.

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1 month ago

Using two polishes from the @opi Nutcracker collection that I found on clearance. Ginger’s Revenge (no, I didn’t need another OPI red, but here I am. I’m not proud) and Gold Key to the Kingdom.

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1 month ago

If you look at this photos far enough away and don’t squint too hard you can almost not notice how sloppily I painted this. Another New Orleans collection polish, Rich Girls & Po Boys. I first saw this in a TJ Maxx and I had a bunch of polishes in my hands. I put it & others down to keep browsing the polishes and someone came up & took it! I was like nooooooo 😢😨 I checked back the following week & it still wasn’t there. So I found it online but I’m forever annoyed I didn’t get to grab it for $3.99.

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1 month ago

I’m Sooo Swamped 😓 @opi

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1 month ago

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Even though I think V-Day is a pointless “holiday.” But before I get carried away discussing consumerism and being a killjoy... this manicure features two @opi polishes, Black Onyx, a great one coat black. And also Bearest of them All, a really cute topper that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. It was definitely a struggle for me to make sure I get a heart or two on each nail. But it’s worth it because it’s super cute!

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