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🚨PHYSIQUE BROTHERHOOD🚨 Foto apareceu semana passada de recordação no Facebook! @jaycutler #jaycutlerclassic em Boston maio de 2016. Já que é semana de #NYPRO desejar boa sorte pro brother @caikepro quem diria mlk, que no meio desse monte de brazuca que todos ali só pensava em levar a classe ou até o overall hoje temos o melhor Mens physique do Brasil. Boa sorte mlk e essa foto serve de motivação e inspiração para mostrar que sonhos nunca são grande demais quando nós trabalhamos duro. 💪🏼👊🏼👏🏻 @alanhercules @hollywood_muscle 🇧🇷

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6 days ago

Athlete of the week winner in our 68th edition is @fabiosilva_mensphysique from the Portugal :facepunch: .Congratulations to all the athletes competing weekly! You guys are 🔥 . . Do you want to compete? #MensPhysiqueOfTheWeek

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8 days ago

NPC Illinois State 🏆 tag the athletes #MensPhysique

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9 days ago

Exactly 365 days between these two pics. Left is from my very first competition at #emeraldcup2018 and the right is one year later at #emeraldcup2019 by @craigproductions. Some might only see different color board shorts and less face fur. But to me, there is an entire journey mapped on the man on the right. From small physical differences to the huge difference in confidence. None of which would of occurred without #myteam including yall out there following my journey. I really appreciate the support!🙏❤️🙌 at Meydenbauer Center

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