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2 days ago

You remember everything I told you and because you solve even the incomprehensible codes Why? Even though I don't understand myself. Maybe you peeked through an illusory telescope. I can't close my eyelids, because eternity will escape // @pau_fitmom

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6 days ago

Becoming lost while reminiscing losing everything that I touch. Everything is becoming shrouded by fog; I won't hide anymore. Smile. Right now, in the fog, you are suffering by the things you cannot obtain. You can stab me; just for now. There is no way I can change the world. But I can cut through the darkness // @alechahwan MUA @titiloizos

3k 146
14 days ago

How long can you think about it creatively? Slowly and steadily rush. Keep holding that contradiction. The time you just wait for something should be short. I've come here, and the greatest weapon is all the shame I wrote as bitter memories. There's no true freedom In that case, this is a journey to deny that // my rasta queen @velaviee at Miami, Florida

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16 days ago

You who are leaving, wished for it not to break "I can't smile anymore, I don't like people", don't say those words. Now, by and by, I won't be able to see. There is meaning in all of that. We'll go on being burdened with our undisappearing pasts. Not abandoning life // @annydfariab

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17 days ago

It should be left unsaid that everyone's free The reality of expression exceeds 4D now and sticking out is just right. Why do I still love you, knowing it won't come true? Until I someday understand the true meaning and nature of that // @marleymjane_

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18 days ago

Entangled in the loneliness. The memory of innocence. It's stinging me, it's breaking me. The pain is spreading endlessly. I cannot move, I close my eyes. I try to breathe, I realize. I'm paralyzed, I'm paralyzed. Unravel the world. // @itsflipinliz

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19 days ago

That there were those who loved us and those who believed in us, right? If they loved all these feelings then it isn't "What can I do for myself?" And it isn't "What suits me?" But "Choose what my heart really wants to choose the most! // @andrea10seconds at Miami, Florida

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20 days ago

Tell me about it. Coming down, face this world. Everything's crazy, but I'm not frightened even if the future connected with dots and lines is poisoned. Tell me about it There're countless things that won't come true. There's no meaning in living counting those // @hailzfrey

3k 134
21 days ago

But I love because I've decided that I'll love and I've decided I'll believe that so I'll just believe that now what we should feel insecure in. Isn't "What can I do for myself?" And it isn't What suits me? But am I really choosing what my heart wants to choose the most? // @alejandrabelenoficial MUA @elizabethmua at Miami, Florida

2k 133
22 days ago

The things I want to forget they can never be forgotten. The path to heaven starts at the bottom of hell. Even the tiniest spark can start a raging fire, so I'll keep going there, the way towards my future // @karinium

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27 days ago

That day, my heart collapsed without making a sound. Even if I scream as I break, these unerasable memories and this darkness will flow into my eyes I still can't see these colors, so Ill still feel depressed tomorrow // @veronnamorillo at Miami, Florida

4k 202
29 days ago

Reveal; To me the mystery  Can you tell me what it means? Explain; these motions and metaphors. Unlocking secrets in me. Describe the vision. The meaning is missing. Won't anybody listen? Can you; See it? The writing  Can you tell me what it means? Translate; The symbols, enigma. Expressions keep questioning me the message slips and the meaning is missing Won't anybody listen? // @funky at ARTECHOUSE Miami

2k 131
1 month ago

Today is gonna be something different than i usually post and is gonna be a self portrait that my bestfriend and photographer @gabrieldisante_ took. The reason on what I'm posting about myself is because I'm celebrating my 30 birthday (how old that sound right haha). Believe it or not this is a very special moment and i really wanna say that how amazing is how your life can change whenever you are hustling so hard. Since last august my goals started changing and i started challenging myself to the level that i could go beyond my own limits. Nowadays Miami has become a city that opened doors for me and at the same time i found new friends that are supporting me on this hard journey. I never ever thought that i could ever made it in a city as big as this but like i always say if you don't take the risk and knock doors you would never know if you are gonna have the opportunities to make it happen. This is not about Miami and myself but this is just a reminder to everyone of you out there that there are so many possibilities in this world that you would never imagine if you don't give it a try. This journey has become not just a learning to myself but at the same time I'm able to help the ones that need it. Family has been one of my best support since I left Baton Rouge my town and God is always taking care of my back. Thanks everybody for the wishes and the support. You guys are definitely making it happen. God is the real boss at It's My Birthday

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1 month ago

If you turn on the lights I will shine toward the light. These feelings we keep wishing for will one day change color. You told that to the person who can keep going on inside my heart just about everything is inevitable inside these colors that were born // @lizagrimaldo at Miami, Florida

3k 168
1 month ago

What's going on? Yeah, there are still things you've left undone, right? Even in these days you can't redo. After you've acknowledge you're different from others a crucible of possibilities will open // @lauramarstv at Miami, Florida

2k 150
1 month ago

It's all reaping what I saw. Dark pasts I've built up like they grow on trees. Throwing away every single thing. Almost been killed before by a fate I know nothing about. A period I've lived with dead eyes. But still, the fact I'm being kept alive today // @lleauna at New Orleans, Louisiana

2k 164
1 month ago

Dreaming - going against my intentions. The square sky's unable to fill the gaps in my heart Let's escape from this endless night. Our future resolution drops, and if we look away we'll have days we've bragged there was nothing we wanted to be // @chloemalaise at Miami, Florida

2k 155
2 months ago

Look, I just wanted to protect your transmitted voice I accept different opinions and objections but this desire can't be fulfilled Without carelessly using science, huh? // @annakalfano at Miami, Florida

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