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@melly813  Child of the Universe. Lover and a fighter. Living vicariously through myself. Dynamite with a laser beam. Guaranteed to blow your mind.

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Little City Market since the 1940s. The market was opened by George Spinali and his son, Ron, started working there in 1952. The store is now third generation run by Ron’s son, Michael. Little City Market is famous for its sausage... about 30 different kinds, made fresh every day. . . #sign #signs #neon #neonsign #neonsigns #gas_food_lodging #everything_signage #vintageneon #vintagesign #vintageneonsigns #signsunited #sfneon #northbeach #momandpopshop #familybusiness #sanfrancisco at Little City Market

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Celebrating Jessen today! What an amazing year it has been! I can’t wait to see all the incredible things you accomplish and experience in the coming year! You are the very best Mother’s Day gift I could ever receive. . Happy Birthday!!! 🎂🎈🎁🍻

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Like many motherless daughter’s on Mother’s Day, it’s a painful reminder for me of what is missing. . But I am so grateful to be reminded how much I am loved by the ones who made me a mother. . I am hanging on to both today (and everyday)...what is lost and what remains and feeling peace and gratitude at one of my favorite beautiful places. I know my mom is with me. . . #mothersday #motherlessdaughters #loveyourmomeveryday #watsonlake #arizonaisgorgeous #prescottaz #igersaz at Watson Lake

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Ajo Copper News since 1916. The weekly newspaper serves western Pima county and features community news and columns by local writers. A used bookstore was also added in the building in 2010. . . The mural on the building was a dream of longtime owner and artist, Hop David. He completed it with the help of another local, Mike “DaWolf” Baker, as part of the Ajo Street Art Project. The notes emanating from the saxophone is the song “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. . . #mural #murals #urbanart #muralart #ajomurals #azmurals #arteverywhere #wildest #ghostrider #ajocoppernews #gonetolookforamerica at Ajo, Arizona

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Ajo is a small, dusty, Wild West town located about 30 miles from the Mexico border. . In August 2017, four aid workers with the organization @nomoredeaths_nomasmuertes , whose religious views inform it’s mission to prevent undocumented migrants from dying during their perilous trek. These aid workers left jugs of water and cans of beans in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, which is located about 1.5 miles outside of Ajo. . They were confronted by a US Fish and Wildlife officer and were charged and tried for the misdemeanor offenses of entering a refuge without a permit and abandoning personal property. In March, a federal judge sentenced the women to 15 months probation and a $250 fine each. . Additionally, Scott Warren, another individual with the organization and a professor at the community college on the Tohono O’odham reservation, was charged with three federal felony charges for allegedly harboring two undocumented immigrants, which he has denied. It is important to note, that Mr. Warren was charged after he distributed video of US Border Patrol agents kicking over thousands of gallons of water left by the organization for migrants crossing the desert. If convicted, Warren could face up to 20 years in prison. His trial will be later this month. . These heroes took these steps to save lives after a record number of human remains were discovered in the refuge in 2017. Since then, Donald Trump has begun criminalizing humanitarian activity that could prevent future deaths...along with the deportation of people who have resided in the US for years and have children who are US citizens and separating families and stealing children away when they reach the border to seek asylum. . . #ajoaz #mural #murals #muralart #humanitarianaidisneveracrime #humanitarianaid #arizona #savelives #nohumanisillegal #nomoredeaths at Ajo, Arizona

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