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6 days ago

Hey remember that time I forgot to post on Instagram for 3 months? 🤷🏻‍♀️• • Took my role as a #fatpowerlifter a bit too seriously last year🐷🍕...but we back now. I’m 7 weeks into a cut, a little over 10lbs down, and still seeing glimpses of baby strength here and there👀• • This morning’s front squats @ 140x6 and some sumos from last week @ 230x6.• • #iifym #flexibledieting #gwpl at 24 Hour Fitness - Winter Park, FL

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5 months ago


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6 months ago

I ❤️ bench. And I think, maybe, it’s starting to love me back?! Widened out my feet + my grip, and things are finally movinnn. Today’s top set @ 120x4...and oh hey look, MY BUTT STAYED DOWN. #yeet #gwpl #chestdaybestday at BackBone Barbell

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7 months ago

Okay okay, last meet post, but this one is the most important. #MCM goes to Coach Bae, because there are not enough words to explain how thankful I am for this man. From writing the most detailed, effective program, to curbing my negative thoughts by refusing to go there with me, calculating lbs to kilos on the fly in the warm up room, making sure I’m eating/sleeping/zen-ing it out, helping me battle against my second-skin SBDs, believing in me more than I thought another person could, AND for being brave enough to slap the shit out of me before each lift even though my mom was watching😂😂 You are my rock, my love and the best person I know. So happy to have you by my side, even when I drive you to the brink of insanity🙃❤️ @jared_allen09 #boop #gwpl

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7 months ago

Full recap: went 7/9 and ended up with 2nd place in the 63kg class• •102.5kg (226lb) squat- honestly, this should’ve been a warm up, but those first-meet jitters hit me HARD• •57.5kg (127lb) bench (locked out 132 on my 3rd attempt for a small PR! Butt came off the bench tho🤦🏻‍♀️) •142.5kg (314lb) deadlift- 14lb PR, and definitely had more in the tank🤗🎉 •Shared the platform with some awesome, strong ladies and had so much fun. Time to work on weaknesses and make these numbers my next openers. at Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

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7 months ago

#Repost from the lovely @aperture_byangelica 🖤 ・・・ When it gets hard, when you start to feel that doubt coming... let the fire come out girl! Remember this fuels your take a deep breath and let out those flames 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽@meghan_mm is an actual angel 😭💕📸. . One of my favorite shots from this weekend!!!!! at Iron Knight Gym

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7 months ago

Me: “In my mind, I’ve always pictured you to be like 6’4”. Stacy: “I AM 6’4”. And that pretty much about sums it up. The best day, lifting and learning with a real-life legend. @bamaburr you are a savage beast and a precious gem of a human, all wrapped into one! Thank you for dropping knowledge bombs🔑💥💪🏼 Beyond inspired. #gwpl #championmindset #getmoney at Iron Knight Gym

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9 months ago

Is it time yet IS IT TIME YET #🎃 #🦃 #🎅🏼 at The North Pole

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10 months ago

Walked into the gym this morning determined to max somewhere around 275. Pulled it, then 280, 285, 290 (1st video), 295 AND THEN 300 LBS🤗😭🤯🤸🏻‍♀️‼️🎉 Yes, it was an ugly, tired, grinder of a rep, but I’ll take it! 87 days to clean it up and work harder• • • @jared_allen09 YOU DA BEST❤️ Thank you for teaching me how to be patient and push past what’s comfortable.• • • @girlswhopowerlift #deadliftPR #gwpl #meetprep #12weeksout #eatallthefoods #liftalltheweights at 24 Hour Fitness - Winter Park, FL

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