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@mefototripods  The best tripod is the one you can take with you. Share your travels with us #MadeWithMeFOTO. ⬇️Shop Now⬇️

2 days ago

The perfect pair to take all your gross couple selfies with. Just kidding, but here's free shipping on orders over $50 because we love you. #ValentinesDay⁠ ⁠

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16 days ago

β€œI’ll get this out of the way first: The Roadtrip Classic Leather Edition is the sexiest tripod on the market. It feels weird and a little dirty to say that about a tripod, but it’s true. MeFOTO didn’t skimp on the presentation here. The whole setup comes with a nice carrying bag and dust bag, and a set of tools and spikes in a hidden (albeit hard to find) zipped pocket inside. The leather around the legs is hand-stitched, and it feels nice to the touch.” - @officialfstoppers #MadeWithMeFOTO

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