One from work - looking back towards the edge of Dolltwagon (I think) over Birkhouse Moor on a gloriously wild winters morning. Dark clouds, bright sunshine and columns of spindrift racing along the fell. It must have been amazing to have been high up but in all probability too wild to take a photo. I just liked the abstract nature of the shot and in a way it reminded me of the sea. Which was slightly poetic as it was taken from a boat. Am I looking forward to winter? Yes, but let’s not wish our lives away. I think my favourite thing about winter is the fact that all my favourite clothes are winter walking things and I can’t wait to wear them again. When I was a young Detective a long long time ago I had had 60 silk ties at one point. Really useful #shotfromaboat #ullswater #trendsetter kingoffashion #tokingofthescruffs


  • cjpw9112 days ago

    Love this shot 👍

  • damian_harrison_12 days ago

    Just superb Mark. Stunning conditions and you nailed that shot 👏👏👏

  • daniel_k_photography11 days ago

    Very nice. I recently watched your on landscape talk on the tube. I love the way your approach to Photography is so honest and simple.