• steelcitymedia13 days ago

    Man I’d of bought one if those cranks were level 😐

  • airdropbikes13 days ago

    Also can we make an official apology that the cranks aren’t level in this picture. #amateurhour

  • callebcn_mtbart12 days ago

    Great picture👌and bike looks slick! 👏👏

  • starskylovhutch13 days ago

    Best one yet ( if you like stealth that is ) 👊

  • nail.bih6 days ago

    I think its black or am i wrong ?

  • santiiii.ago1 day ago

    Black on black on black 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • yeettheyeti12343 days ago

    Was gunna but it but now the price rip off no effence sorry 😐