Rachel Barkman, Vancouver, BC @rachelbarkman3 months ago ·  Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Motherhood is a complicated thing to explain. It’s beautiful and hard and empowering and humbling. It strips you to your very core and examines the depths of your selfishness, but exposes the depths of your love, too. My appreciation for mothers has grown tenfold since I brought Ezra into this world, and I find myself in awe of the strength and kindness I see in the moms around me. @misstarateng is one of those moms, who can transition from posing for this photo with effortless grace, to bending down and gently cupping her son’s hand as he shows her the baby snail he found hidden amongst the flowers. Here’s to moms- may we cherish and celebrate one another.


  • misstarateng3 months ago

    😭 Thank you friend. This means the world!

  • elle.est3 months ago

    Beautiful words and image. 🌿✨

  • faiz_faiyaz3 months ago

    Beautiful. What is that flower name?