• fischerraymond832 days ago

    I love traveling, but never visited this beautiful part of the world

  • arden_744 days ago

    That ain’t a Montana accent,..but cool sunset though.🤠

  • theioskostas6 days ago

    Ασκος ηλιοβασιλεμα παι φαν μανι κακο εκει ανοιξη βουνα 60s - 70s αντιθεση αλητεια αλλα οτι καλυτερο συνδιασμος

  • montanamama4067 days ago

    Lol literally not one soul in Montana talks like that 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • pics.of.road_posts7 days ago

    I just want to let you know that I post photos of road posts from all over the world

  • 406_shelby7 days ago

    This is funny, but we don't talk like that ya dorks 😂

  • ryan.cline8 days ago


  • astrofalls8 days ago

    If ye wanted a sunset why didn’t you go down to the sawtooths and get one