Stijn Dijkstra @furstset8 days ago ·  Gunung Bromo

There is one thing we must understand: sooner or later we have to live our lives without polluting the planet because we can not live without mother earth, but the planet can live without us! So never forget who the true alpha is!


  • slooyer8 days ago

    Always the best composition 🔥

  • j_kreiss8 days ago

    These are so good man!

  • kevinvl8 days ago


  • slice.sv8 days ago

    Damn i want to go there

  • 01_didi8 days ago

    ... he said with a car being an important part of his photograph... Just kidding, love what you do💕

  • zulfikar_aji8 days ago

    damn you! I've been getting wonderlust ever since! ☠💫