• borrachaxx_6 days ago

    I have a question: I’m a college student so I leave during the fall . Is it possible for me to get a membership for the summer and then pause my account payments when I go to school and then resume them when I come back home ? Basically when I’m home for the summer I’ll pay the membership fees and when I leave for school I’ll pause my payments because I won’t be using the gym and then I’ll resume them when I come back for winter?

  • ukrainka12277 days ago

    Are you currently accepting job applications and interviewing onsite?

  • sttrice107 days ago

    If you become a founding member are your rates locked in or do they change after a year?

  • kris10_ann7 days ago

    Hoping you open an Edge in northwest Ohio! Findlay Ohio would be great! I have a hookup with the city there!