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Change D way U look at things & D things U look at Change. What U see depends not only at what U look at, but also on where U look from!! D majority of people Only see wht they are prepared 2see & process it different ways. Multiple viewpoints provides diversión from & contrast 2one’s perspective, they can deepen conflict .. enlarge a story scope and or add 2a story d rich texture, pleasure & happiness in ones real life!! D reason why I always look at everything from all angle & another point of view 2b able 2understand & communication is a Must, coz one definite thing I have learn in this life since kid, is that we can all b looking at same thing & 💯see something totally different😉 & it’s totally fine No1 should expect for every1 2 see things d way we do. At d end of d day and as I always tell & remind my self “ I am not in this planet to take part .. I’m here 2take over & I don’t wake up every morning 2satisfy nor please every1 🙂” Some wants 2fly 1st class, I want 2own d plane ✈️🤪!! And even d Hardest tougher shit hits d fan, always keep urself 2gether .. just Boss it up buttercup, keep it rolling and deal with it Period .. No drama .. No excuse!! As I said it’s all about perspective!! 😏


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    Greetings 👋 from other side of the world 👋

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    Это просто бомба !!! Давно таких классных фоток не видел!! Жду новых с нетерпением)