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While in Jersey for the Durrell Challenge I had the good fortune to drive an Audi. The event being all about conservation and protecting our planet, I decided it was time to start taking the next step in my own journey to being a better man for the planet and going electric when I can. This was a great opportunity to try out the new e-tron from Audi! I enjoyed the car, and after finally adjusting to driving around in near silence I couldn't help but imagine a city being almost peaceful if it had all electric vehicles. It's all about taking little steps I reckon, as long as we are all trying, bit by bit to be better for our planet, we might just save her yet. Whether it's animal conservation, using electric vehicles, enabling biodiversity or reducing and ultimately eliminating our use of single use plastics, we can do our part in bringing our planet earth back into balance again. #Durrell #BioDiversity #Electric #Audi #ETron


  • prideofgypsies5 days ago

    I got to get one bro been looking at the e bikes too See u soon bro lots to catch up on #Bitbybit

  • d.iegobello5 days ago

    superman is an environmentalist!

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  • henryccavill5 days ago

    Agreed! Any part we can do to better than planet should be enacted 🌎

  • supertech4275 days ago

    Just FYI, electric cars aren't as wonderful for the environment as one may expect. Waste & pollution during battery manufacturing. Coal pollution from electricity production, etc. No matter what Musk tells people, EV's are far from pollution free

  • ds_gamesbr5 days ago

    Será o novo Wolverine????? 🔥

  • marcia53125 days ago

    Nunca vi homem mais lindo quê esse!😍

  • henry.memez5 days ago

    I’m so proud and happy that you’re doing this and talking more about taking care of our planet 😆❤️

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