Yenny Wahid @yennywahid3 months ago Β· 

Some scenes from #putrimuslimahindonesia2019 malam ini di @indosiar where I've been one of the juries since 2014. Eeek feel so old πŸ˜†. But these girls are amazing. Not only they are beautiful but they are talented and smart as well, they speak English, Arabic, French and Japanese. Some sing, others dance or even rap! So impressive. And of course the highlight for me is when I meet my dearest @uyainaarshad, the first Putri Muslimah Asia, crowned in 2018. As usual, my wonderful dress was provided by my Dearest, Habibty @amy_atmanto and my make up was by @vivithalib ❀️


  • annnieza3 months ago

    Yennywahid mhn diperbaiki pake kerudungx.. aurat kepala msh keliat

  • yersiabdullah3 months ago

    Mantap πŸ‘πŸ‘, Ibu @yennywahid juga cantik dan sangat cerdas, 😘😘😘 sangat inspiratif buat saya...

  • aep46823 months ago

    When I meet???

  • dhani.prasajanto3 months ago

    Ngelihat pkb terpuruk, mbok diambil alih mbk yenn,,

  • redhoshahab3 months ago

    MasyaAllah ....Artis pendatang lama nya....

  • mikhailsiahaan3 months ago

    Hi mba @yennywahid . Saya mikhail yg kemaren foto bareng di acara pak boy thohir di raffles hotel. Salam kenal mba. Fotonya saya kirim ke dm ya. Terima kasih.

  • deriseptanu3 months ago

    Mohon doa dan bantuannya ya bun semoga tergerak hatinya untuk menolong anak saya , jika bunda berkenan melihat kondisi anak saya bisa cek langsung ke instagram saya @deriseptanu , bantu share ya bun semoga teman teman di social media tergerak hatinya untuk menolong sesama πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜­

  • amy_atmanto3 months ago

    You are beautiful inside out my great deary.. the rest is just an accessories of life. Diamond shines 🀩🀩😘❀️🌹