Sandy Brinsdon @theafterworkphotographer3 months ago ·  Christchurch, New Zealand

He has spotted something interesting... taken at Orana Park, my favorite day out in Christchurch. But some very exciting news, we have now confirmed we are heading to Namibia and Botswana in September to hopefully get this sort of shot in the wild. To say I am excited would be the understatement of the year. We looked at doing it alone but have chosen to head over with @merubisi Safari's, it's their inaugural year and they have been amazing to work with, 3 weeks with just one other couple and heaps of amazing landscapes and wildlife. Check them out. Who's been? Who wants to go? __________ #oranawildlifepark #wildlifepark #cheetah #wildlifephotography ___________ #christchurchnz #sonynz #bealpha #sonyalphasclub #sonyalphagang #nzdphoto #sonyalphaclub #justgoshoot #pocket_animal #majestic_wildlife_ #allnatureshots #wildplanet #bns_animals #animalelite #splendid_animals #animal_sultans #world_bestanimal #ir_animals #shots_of_animals #ok_animals


  • tammie.grant3 months ago

    That’s so exciting Sandy! Will be interested to hear how you find it, have thought about going 🤔

  • lynferris3 months ago

    Sounds amazing, even better that the party is small. 🦓🐆🦏🐘

  • mhairinz3 months ago

    Sooo exciting. Elephants are my thing 😍😍

  • chuggachuu3 months ago

    Wow, your trip sounds amazing! So jealous

  • vicsclicksnz3 months ago

    My bucket list for sure!!! I’ve got a great contact in Kenya whose partner is a safari guide. She used to be a boss of mine, so would be looked after for sure!

  • hammer_foto3 months ago

    Cant wait to see your photos from that trip

  • cochranewilly3 months ago

    Wooowww you animal 🤣 I know you will love it. Would love to do it myself sometime. Yes I was wondering what size zoom you had?

  • sarah.j.hall.793 months ago

    Amazing! That’s Brian’s dream to go to Africa. Looking forward to your pics and blog!

  • landdownunder_nz3 months ago

    Amazing Sandy! That will be such an epic trip and would be amazing to see these guys in the wild! Have an awesome time 😊

  • nicciauch13 days ago

    I look forward to seeing your African shots! I am sure you are going to fall in love with Africa ~ I am yet to meet someone who hasn't once they have been to this beautiful continent I get to call home!