Megan McLellan @megan.mclellan2 months ago ·  Vancouver, British Columbia

You guys!!! I am totally blown away with the response to my post a couple of days ago about @forestandthefemme Holy moly! I had people messaging me asking how they could get involved as well as people donating. They still have a ways to go to meet their fundraising goal (they are trying to raise $10,000) but I am feeling so thankful for the support you have shown them. I have the link to their donation page in my bio, and a donation of any size is so appreciated. In case you missed the other post @forestandthefemme provides access to nature through outdoor recreation programs for highly marginalized women (trans + non-binary inclusive) living in Vancouver’s DTES community. I started volunteering with them earlier this year, and would really love to see them reach their fundraising goal. Feel free to msg me if you have any questions or have other ideas about how you could help them. #womenwhohike #fieldandforest #explorebc #arcteryx #thisisrange #sheexplores #allmyfriendsarewild


  • yasne12818 days ago

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