• wanna._b8 days ago

    The shooting of Daniel Wellington with you was the bestn👍🏻. And I'm so happy to have a good friend! Jasmine and you are really good friends😆😆😍

  • juliatillman8 days ago

    World domination never looked so good 👏🏼

  • darcyhinds8 days ago

    Looking sharp bro!!! 🙌🏽

  • a.k.a_anna298 days ago

    I was gunna be like wait that’s not your gf where’s jasmine. Lol

  • sprousehart.honey8 days ago

    Vart är mina svenskar????? Har nu försvunnit😂😂😂

  • janeisif8 days ago

    Wait that’s not jasmine