Andrew Glatt @andrew_glatt12 days ago ·  Chicago, Illinois

I love that you can tell almost immediately if someone loves or hates snow. I feel like there’s no in between there, either you’re miserable or in heaven. Unfortunately it’s looking like we’re done for the year.


  • tngyc12 days ago

    I like the cool tones! 🙏🏻

  • gregj71112 days ago

    Dude you’re an artist

  • r4s12 days ago

    These are so good, homie💀🗡

  • asiseethis11 days ago

    I know I’ve said this before. But I love that you love snow. I love saying I was born with a main Congenital Heart Defect, tapvr type 3 infarcardic/mixed, the X-ray, drs nicknamed it the snowman sign because it looks like a snowman. I make sure I say that part because people have looked at me funny when o say I love that I was born with a snowman 🤣

  • lgn_willdatruthtella10 days ago

    Been here for a year @andrew_glatt Love Hate relationship with the city. Love the no nonsense realness of the people. Hate the weather, lack of sunlight, the infrastructure, the politics (corrupt) and mostly the segregation. Of course I'm a biased retired US Marine and have only lived in 6 other states/cities and two countries.

  • jivanise10 days ago

    Linda! Foto muito bem feita. Adoraria esse friozinho aqui no Brasil, apesar de amar as nossas praias com dias de sol lindos 😍. Também gosto do frio, as roupas que usamos e a comida gostosa nos dias frios.