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We are excited to reveal the new name and visual identity of one of Scandinavia’s largest mobility providers, the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) – from now on known as Vy. Developed by Snøhetta, the new brand name and visual identity will allow the company to communicate its current operations in a better way, and to manifest the company’s shared ambition to create better mobility services for the future. The word vy stems from the French word vue, derived from voir, which means “to see”. In Norwegian it has a similar meaning; a view, a perspective, an outlook, or a vision. The name brings associations to the fundamentals of travelling – to see new things, to get new perspectives and to broaden one’s horizon. It’s reminiscent of childhood memories, of looking out of a train window and seeing the landscape pass by at terrific speed. Or the daily routine of sitting in the train or on the bus, glancing up at the sky, being in motion while the point of view appears to be constant. The lines in the logo and typography represent the holistic journey of transportation – not merely the route from station to station, but the entire door-to-door journey from home to the final destination. In this way, the name communicates Vy’s vision for the future of mobility. @nsb_no


  • oslo.skiltmaler3 months ago

    🖤 I can see this being painted with a brush 😁

  • espen_tencara3 months ago

    Dere kunne ikke klare å bruke ett norsk ord da? Det her er jo fantastisk dårlig, sier jo ikke noe som helst om hva selskapet driver med hverken ordet eller logoen! Trodde dere var flinkere enn det her! Også den fantastisk stygge grønnfargen 🤢 Hva med rødt, hvitt eller blått? Må alt moderne være stygt?

  • kevojuice3 months ago

    This ain’t it chief!

  • t_vy_nd3 months ago

    😻💗 it's the Perfect name, Vy!

  • nitsirk883 months ago

    Det der er noe av det værste jeg har sett. Logen ser urgammel ut og fargen er utrolig lite.. inviterende. Navnet er også helt bak mål

  • moshebari3 months ago

    Love the work you guys produce, but feeling really mixed in this one. Obvious scaling concerns, and, for some reason, I keep seeing a "W"

  • britalita3 months ago

    Ikke imponert @snøhetta - please press

  • sandronito3 months ago

    Skam dere! Ødelegger Norge i et forsøk på å være trendy og nyskapende.