I used to just wanna be "skinny". So I decided to start eating clean (most of the time) and working out. I lost 50lbs. . Today 50lbs lighter I am also 50 times wiser..I wanna be STRONG..yes I'm kissing my weights...I love them so.. but I also am enjoying the stronger mind journey that I unexpectedly have been whisked away on. . I know I wont get there overnight...I enjoy my life as I like to keep happy. I love inspiring others to keep going and to let them know ANYTHING is possible when you bring the effort. . It's funny.. I got into online coaching 1.5 years ago and now I need more. I oddly enough love people (usually not my retail job though...haha). I love being there and watching people do things they thought they couldn't. I love when someone comes to me and tells me there wedding ring fits again or they finally fit there pre pregnancy clothes (both true stories). I love when someone tells me how they never thought theyd be able to lift that weight etc... . So #transformationtuesday ....you are way more then the weight loss..you're about all the good gains in this life... ❤✌