• alicia_senara6 months ago

    You need to slid your foot some more across the bored. Your doing really well though πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • vikaari_6 months ago

    Such cool 😍😍

  • syylwkaa6 months ago


  • gigimolinaa6 months ago

    Watch some videos. A good one is to watch this channel called Braille. They have good tips.!

  • user35478906 months ago

    next time make sure to really exaggerate that slide with your foot and it'll cause you to get off the ground more!

  • mckenziestewart186 months ago

    If u start w ur front foot farther back u can slide more and get more air

  • abo5i6 months ago


  • nuneser6 months ago

    Why the fuck dies this gave so many views