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Hey there @iggyvanstattoos #takeover reboot.... Wasn't able to finish what I started the other day so I'm gonna make a couple more posts today... I worked @everlastingtattoo813 but in the original location 1939 McAllister st. which was also the original location of Primal Urge before Marcus & Aaron split. I was in my late 20s, '97- 2000 @timlehi arrived to work with us; it was a powerhouse shop, myself being the possible exception & Tim added a really powerful dynamic to the mix... I almost quit tattooing & thought about throwing my machines into the Pacific... I'm glad I didn't & I'm really grateful for the tattoos he did for me, this one being the first before my back... Double Demon Panther/ Skull cover- up. Just noticed that the pink in the tongue & gums seems to have gone fugitive. But, hey, this tattoo is old enough to drink in the US! #livedintattoo #iggyvanstattoos #timlehi #everlastingtattoo #dtme #lamf #2019