Lisa Larisa @lisadoenya6 months ago Β· 

Why I chose This imperfect uneven eyebrow picture? Boy brows and power brows of recent years have morphed into the natural brow, which is about embracing your natural brow line. The brows are still groomed with a few stray hairs left behind for a less structured, anti-Instabrow look. So left or right eyebrow? #eyebrow #makeup #beauty #2019


  • dewifitriajuliandari6 months ago

    Ampuunn amppuunnn pagi2 udah liat yg keceeeee 😍😍😍😍

  • adiamorris6 months ago

    Apa bedanya sih? Kanan kiri sama kok.. (buat gw🀣).. cakep

  • imedhony6 months ago

    Gue kira gue aja lis tuh alis kiri kanan depan nya beda mo di apain aja, udah di sikat kasih brow mascara ya gak bisa sama..ya sudahlah ya alis bukan identical twinsπŸ€—