Snøhetta @snohetta7 months ago ·  Stockholm Furniture Fair

We are excited to present our newest sustainability project, S-1500: A chair made from recycled plastic from the North of Norway. Together with furniture manufacturer Nordic Comfort Products (NCP), Snøhetta has developed a chair made from worn-out fishing nets, ropes and pipes from the local fish farming industry in the North of Norway. By eliminating the need to use new raw material in the production, the chair has obtained a carbon footprint which is one of the lowest in the market. Known as S-1500, the chair is a structural redesign of Norwegian modernist Bendt Winge’s classic R-48 chair from the late sixties, which is also produced by @ncpfurniture. Due to its production technique and varying plastic compositions, the pattern of each chair will be unique even though the chair will be mass produced. Its matte, pebbled, dark green surface tells the story of plastic that has been on a journey as fish nets in the North Sea, to the production facilities of NCP and eventually ends up as a chair in a school, a home or a public facility. The chair is available for sale through Nordic Comfort Products (NCP) and will be showcased at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair from February 5th to 9th. Please come by and say hello if you’re around! 📷 @bjornar_ovrebo


  • bookladyca6 months ago

    I love it! What a beautiful color and shape. Hope it will be on sale soon!

  • jonobrener6 months ago

    Wonderful sustainable initiative. I wonder how @snohetta feels about Norway’s @equinor planning to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight, a few hundred kilometres away from your Adelaide office? Willing to join the #fightforthebight ?

  • lyzadie5 months ago

    Amazing!!! Such an inspiration 💙! We love it.

  • franci_b_u5 months ago

    Love it and need it! ❤️