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#FitnessGoals #BodyImage I have a different approach to some people when it comes to training and what I want to get out of it. For some people, it’s all about their physical appearance and how you look to others. I understand this - it’s nice to feel good about yourself because others show an interest. It’s built in to our human nature. However my approach is always very different.. I train because of how I want to FEEL... my body is my tool to do all the things I enjoy in life. There is no better feeling than being able to wake up in the morning and know that I am able to go for a run... a swim... go for a nice long walk... play a game of badminton... take my daughter for a bike ride. I can do all of these things and I am so fortunate I can live a healthy and happy life. I do not take that for granted.. there are so many people out there who simply cannot do all of those things. I work hard so that I am able to live and enjoy that life. I will never let a particular training plan stop me from living the life I want to live. I may not have a “perfect body” but I’m happy and confident with the one I have and work on for myself. I’d like to leave this with is a couple of questions to ask yourself.. Why do you train? Who do you train for? 🤔 💭 If the answer isn’t for yourself then I would question why that is? Love yourself, live the life you want and enjoy every second. 💚 #proACTIVEmentalhealth #bournemouth #blogger #blog #bournemouthblogger #fitness #fitnessgoals #exercise #exercisemotivation #motivation #gayman #gay #gayuk #foodforthought #selfreflection #gym #gymworkout #workoutroutine #mentalhealth #positivebodyimage #loveyourself #selfcare #enjoyeverymoment #running #swimming #badminton #lovetheoutdoors #walking #selflove


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