• sabrina.durrell10 days ago

    Serena is so much better than Blair that is a fact

  • yellowsomethings10 days ago

    probably should add "tgp spoilers" to caption, its hidden and im caught up but people might not be

  • drewbie_marshmallow10 days ago

    Filch's cat watches over them and protects them. That's why Ms. Norris always tracks down kids breaking rules; if their owners got hurt or died the cats would be devastated

  • amybluewho9 days ago

    I probably prefer serena too but she also had Major Flaws as much as blair

  • randomfandom_288 days ago

    Explain your reasoning behind your caption because I honestly love Blair way more. Her character development was way better.

  • kelligrafie7 days ago

    #3 is toad erasure and I will not stand for it

  • haleykbx6 days ago

    Btw snow while literally did accept an apple from a stranger sooooo..... candy’s not rly a reach