Chef Vicky Ratnani @vickythechef11 days ago ·  Udaipur - The City of Lakes

#harachanna also know as fresh green chick peas • Hara chana can be made into exciting salads and chaats, combined with other veggies and fruits. • It can be eaten raw or roasted. • Sauté some in butter or olive oil to soften a little, add a dash of spices of your choice, and enjoy as a simple snack. • Toss it into stir-fries, sautés, and salads. • Combine with corn and sometimes green or red bell pepper to make exciting dishes. garbanzo beans) don't grow in cans. Like other peas and beans, they grow in pods on vines. Before they fully ripen and yellow to then get dried and cooked and canned, they are bright green in fresh fuzzy pods like the one above. An amazing dessert or barfi is made with them as well #plantprotein #plantbased #vegan #vegetarian #vegetarianrecipes #vickythegastronaut #tbt #rajasthan #winter #seasonal produce #legumes #chickpeas #chef #cheflife #market #marchand #mercato #igersrajasthan #udaipur #food #foodporn #foodphotography @apple @iphonesty


  • pocketfriendlymumbai10 days ago

    Funfact : u can also make amazing dessert from hara chana it's my Nani's recepie, it's called "jaadariyu".

  • nya_bedi11 days ago

    hara chana aka chholiya stays for a short duration........try making chutney with its tender green leaves add green chillis garlic lemon juice cumin seeds and salt....I tired it comes out really well

  • kumud_rai11 days ago

    Simply beautiful chef.. I admire the fact that you add a lovely piece of information to every thing that you make and explore. It is very enriching

  • saffrontouch11 days ago

    Chef I love it roasted with the skin on. Ideally the whole plant is roasted on a fire made with cow dung cake but even roasting it with a bit of salt in kadai does the trick. When you peel and eat, it has the smoky flavor from the burnt skin and you get a touch of salt, it’s heaven

  • chahatmodi10 days ago

    A halwa in ghee made out of them is beyond any form of comfort in winters!!!!

  • aryanthedentist11 days ago

    Yummyyy..need to visit Juhu to seems😋😋

  • hema.mm11 days ago

    I love them my great dada used get fresh from farm whenever we were in India. Miss it.

  • prasannasirige11 days ago

    We make raw Channa masala curry and tomato corn, Channa rice. Goes well with a cup of thick curd

  • marwadikhana11 days ago

    Chef,My mom makes yummy Halwa of it😋We make Malai Cholle n they taste of my favourite ❤️

  • pretty_girl_neha9 days ago

    This is a good picture but I don’t know if it is because of good lighting or place… maybe composition 😉👍

  • indranibhargava9 days ago

    Hello Chef.... Welcome to my city.... hope u enjoyed in Dhanmandi.....

  • jhf1710 days ago

    We make sabji..leelwa baigan potatoes and wadi( mixture of udad dal,green garlic,hari mirch, namak,