Leanne.Riggs.Official @leanne.riggs.official1 month ago ·  Anglesea, Victoria

We had some earth shatteringly tragic news today... the stuff that is incomprehensible. I contemplated posting anything on here, but decided to show the complete 180 opposite. Children, completely oblivious to the cards life can deal, living in the moment, enjoying each precious second, at the seaside where some of the bluest oceans and whitest sands exist. (You are all in my thoughts, today and in the proceeding months and years ahead 😓)


  • mandaladreamco1 month ago

    I’m so very sorry to hear you’ve had such news Leanne 😢 We’ve suffered here recently too with something life changing & shattering & know to well how difficult it is to keep posting something/anything. You’re in my thoughts lovely 🙏🏼💕🌱

  • arden_connemaras1 month ago

    Sorry to hear of your news. Prayers for strength in the days ahead. 🙏🏼 Love your capture of precious children living in the joy of the moment.