Anita Tejlgaard | Copenhagen @tejlgaard1 month ago ·  Aalborg, Denmark

Aalborg _ One of my alltime favourite Danish cities was just made no. 8 on the New York Times ‘Places to go in 2019’ list. Huge congrats - so well deserved. I love this city. For a city it is small but it has the biggest sky and soooo much edge. Its an old industrial harbour city that began transforming itself from concrete slab to concrete fab about 20 years ago. It boast streetart, great new architecture, culture - and a certain raw cosiness. I lived there for 4 years a long time ago but I love going back because it still has that wonderful “down-to-earthiness”. #visitaalborg #passionpassport @passionpassport #newyorktimes #placestogoin2019 #guardiancities #archilovers #archdaily #tv_pointofview #jj_mobilephotography #govisitdenmark #danisharchitecture #danishdesign #aalborg #shotoniphone #musikkenshusaalborg #musikkenshus


  • stoptheroc1 month ago

    Indeed, it looks like a beautiful city!

  • perlmutter_cph1 month ago

    Får helt lyst til en tur til Aalborg, sikke mange fine billeder 😍

  • neburruben1 month ago

    Wow fantastic architecture!! 😍😍

  • anlinsh1 month ago

    Cool shots! This makes me wanna go there!

  • mivosy1 month ago

    Läcker serie Anita 👌🏽

  • etna_111 month ago

    So you just convinced me i have to go there 😊😍

  • chasread1 month ago

    Fantastic album 👌🏼🙌🏼 some great strideby shots! What a cool little city.

  • shooting_poetry1 month ago

    Fin serie fra mon fødeby 😊 og hvem skulle have troet at Dobbelt A skulle ryge på den liste

  • visulent1 month ago

    Man blir verkligen nyfiken av att åka till Aalborg efter din post. 👍👍

  • kandidibley1 month ago

    Fabulous city set - I wanna go!! 😍

  • i.m.jmr1 month ago

    You captured this beautifully. I’ll have to add this city to my bucket list!

  • jakecphotos11 month ago

    Woah those architectures are super amazing!

  • photonore1 month ago

    Wow! Aalborg is beautiful 👌🙂

  • this.kitty1 month ago

    Wow! There are some gems in here! 😻😻😻

  • anneoesterby1 month ago

    Nøj, hvor er der sket meget i Aalborg siden jeg boede der - så meget lækker arkitektur 🤩🙌

  • littlemycph1 month ago

    Jeg er helt enig. Havde også overvejet at lave et post derfra ☺️

  • _3zmooon_1 month ago

    Fantastic series! 👍🏼