Jeremy Veach @jeremyveach1 month ago ·  Seattle, Washington

With the bus not only being my home but also my only way of transportation, getting around busy cities like seattle can be a challenge! Not only with driving around but also finding somewhere to park! @Uber has made it easy for me to get around town now using #jumpbikes! Now I have the flexibility to go places I couldn’t go before! #doorsarealwaysopening @jump_rides #ad


  • tractionjaxon1 month ago

    Come to near Volunteer Park in Seattle.

  • hooliehoo1 month ago

    And norm fits in the basket! Double win 😊

  • woo_master_poon1 month ago

    Ahhh! Where are you guys going on that bike? I wanna play with Norm! 😍😁🐶

  • m.ilie1 month ago

    Beautiful composition! Like it 😍

  • alchink1 month ago

    And a spot for Norm ❤️

  • cindihilt1 month ago

    Looks like a magical place.

  • connie_durand1 month ago

    Oh that is much easier than driving the bus around different cities! Look at Norm-Norm is o. K. with anything...You two are AMAZING!!!‼️‼️🙃💯

  • _world.record.chair_1 month ago

    Can we beat the egg? Go to my profile and like this chair! Don't forget to chair!