Forest and the Femme ↟ @forestandthefemme6 months ago ·  Downtown Eastside

We are lucky to have dedicated and passionate volunteers who care so much about our work! In their words: "There has been a devastating overdose crisis that has hit the DTES especially hard and the amount of grief and loss and heartache in the community is astounding. The community needs hope to get through these dark times. There needs to be good things. There needs to be ways to help women to heal and to cope with all this grief. Even just to forget about it for the day. Every little bit helps when you are trying to get through grief. Forest and the Femme gives the women something to look forward to, something to be hopeful about, happy stories to tell, and ways to help physically manage the emotional toll that the crisis is having on the women. Because F&F is so needed, and such a specific and important service that is otherwise missing in people's lives. The importance of nature, of access to the land, of providing opportunities for trust and positive relationships is so real, and so few organizations offer this in a way that is accessible."


  • wolfpups_studio6 months ago

    How can I find out about volunteering? I would love to be involved!

  • aleasha_bahr6 months ago

    You are doing incredible 🎀 keep up the great work!

  • cbyrt5 months ago

    GoodDay from Australia