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You can now cozy up on a sheepskin Fried Egg. 🍳 With permission from the legacy family, @warmnordic has released three sheepskin versions of Hans Olsen’s unique asymmetrical #loungechair called the Fried Egg (it actually looks like a fried egg when viewed from above). The flat arm rest is now even extra inviting for you to swing your legs over when you feel like relaxing. \\\


  • jahrocgalleries3 months ago

    in L O V E with this chair and the colour of the walls!!

  • aquaferry3 months ago

    @designmilk can you tell me about the carpet? Where is it from and what is it made of?

  • pararius3 months ago


  • k.o.l.e.s.n.i.k.o.v.a_3 months ago

    Заходите ко мне на страничку, надеюсь быть полезной♥️🙌🏼

  • ish4gupt43 months ago

    This actually looks useful you could the flat arm rest to write things onto

  • grayportela3 months ago


  • _minnaminna_3 months ago

    Great chair but please stop using animal parts. Let's be compassionate towards non-human-animals as well.. Especially this time of the year