Motherhood | Adventure | Life @bitsylittlefield5 months ago ·  Nashville, Tennessee

Motherhood. Some days it’s so blissful- I look at my toddler and my heart melts at how sweet and perfectly imperfect he is. There are some days that feel as if they will never end, yet somehow you can’t complete a single task. Other days you just want to scream, cry, and tear your hair out! Everyday is exhausting and chaotic, but so rewarding. It’s worth it for every smile, giggle, hug, kiss, and snuggle your kids give you. There’s so much judging and shaming these days, so I’m here telling all you mamas, that I support you. Just do your best. Your best IS good enough! Stop comparing, judging, criticizing, shaming... instead lets show one another support, kindness, understanding and sometimes a helping hand. 💗 You’re doing great moms, keep up the great work!