• x_thatonetheaterkid_x5 months ago

    Cyrus Goodman from Andi Mack I called it from the first episode fight me

  • spencer_reids5 months ago

    me with valencia from crazy ex girlfriend and rosa diaz! I've been watching the office and the coming out episode I knew when dwight was spying on oscar and his bf (who Michael thinks is his roommate lmao)

  • bianc.a_12_5 months ago

    I was watching the office thought “there has to be at least one gay person in this show” I started the next episode and in that episode we found out Oscar was gay! Boom 💥

  • x.pan.x5 months ago

    Cole from Anne with an E

  • crystal._.pepsi5 months ago

    I did this with the very first episode of Andi Mac. And when Cyrus came out, I screamed in my little sister's face bc she didn't think it was legit.