• twenty5th_hour5 months ago

    Lil friendly advice..perhaps try to F.I.M you next set of ladies after the 4th internode. The plant grows more rapidly as well as more vigor once it starts to catch itself. Try it out one'll see what I'm talking about.👊

  • aleandrotosetti5 months ago

    Olá tudo bem jaz faz tempo que tento fazer minhas plantas crescerem mas não consigo se alguém souber um adubo bom

  • delbueno.g5 months ago

    for what it useful this technique?

  • cannabis_420_canada5 months ago

    I always start at node 3 with a healthy plant. Slows the growth a bit the first week but keeps it all much lower.

  • snagatoke5 months ago

    Cool!🙌 don't forget to check out our giveaway!